Introduce yourself, TaxCalc!

Electronic signature integration & more! “TaxCalc is a high-growth, fintech company based in Wokingham with 100 staff. We specialise in tax and accountancy software for accountants and finance professionals as well as tax and VAT return software for individuals and businesses. We’re 14 years young, and with innovation at the core of our company, we don’t plan on slowing down!” 

In the beginning…

TaxCalc came to signable with a simple aim, “we were looking at options for electronic signing. We were shrewd, did our research, and were looking for a company that delivered a great service and great value (just as we do). Signable topped our shortlist.”

“Signable topped our shortlist”

The results

TaxCalc have been full partners with us for around a year and are really enjoying the ease it gives their 60,000+ customers. “We love the speed and ease with which we’re able to offer our customers the opportunity to sign, to review and approve client engagement letters, accounts, tax returns and more, digitally.”

TaxCalc worked with us to create an exclusive electronic signature integration with their system, making things that little bit easier for their users. Meaning they’re “able to provide a convenient and effective service to our customers and were quick to bring eSigning to market, giving us an edge over many of our competitors.”

“Giving us an edge over many of our competitors”

As well as their own clients, TaxCalc’s referrals have seen “significant results” from using eSignature software.

With a focus on “Innovation in Practice”, Taxcalc are continually driven to innovate for an affordable price. Coupled with a relentless customerfocus, they’ve hit more than double-digit growth year-on-year, with the help of Signable.

Support from us

TaxCalc felt thewhole partner process was straightforward and felt supported throughout, with regular calls and ironing out of any issues as soon as possible.

After a year of working with us, TaxCalc are still loving the support. “Communication has been strong, the product is strong – we look forward to a productive relationship going forward.”

Any parting words?

Why should other companies partner with Signable?

“Great people to work with – do it!”