Welcome to the stage our partners, Hubsolv!

HubSolv provides an Insolvency & Debt Management Software. They’re based in sunny Glasgow and have been partners with us for just over 2 years.

After spending years of working in personal insolvency they noticed that too many firms relied on many tools to help run their business. It was clear that they needed to bridge the gap, and unite people struggling with debt with creditors and insolvency firms. Thus, Hubsolv was born!

With their aim being to create a platform which simplified a previously disjointed process:

“Signable is a partner that aligns well with our ethos. Signable aids our clients further in reducing unnecessary admin, and ensures increased productivity; as everything before was done by post.”

Signable allows legally binding documents to be transferred via HubSolv within minutes; it eradicates the traditional posting method which allows their clients to start work immediately.

They’ve found this to be hugely is beneficial, as debt is a sensitive area, and can really impact people’s lives.

“HubSolv’s aim is to harmonise the experience for all parties involved and partnering with Signable assists us in providing our users with the most time effective, and simple experience.”

– Fraser Hamilton, the Co-Founder of HubSolv

We are delighted to have HubSolv as a loyal partner with us and we absolutely love the work they’re doing in their space.

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