Our affiliate partners

This partnership will suit a business that wants the next step down from our full partnership, but still wants to increase their revenue through reselling.

Our affiliate ally partner scheme is designed for your company passes leads to Signable in exchange for a commission. No muss, no fuss! Now let’s answer some of your questions before you get started…

What’s involved?

● Anyone can sign up! All you need to do it request a unique referral link from your account to distribute amongst your customers

● You will receive 10% of partner revenue for 12 months from the first payment

● Affiliate partners are paid monthly via PayPal

● Customers referred from affiliates will receive product support from the Signable Customer Success team

What’s in it for you?

We’ll support you and your support

Our Customer Success team offer the best support in the industry. We can be found on the phone, social, email & LiveChat and we’ll be on hand to support your customers as they start to find their way around Signable. You can find out what our customers have said about Signable’s support here, or, how to contact our Success team, here.


We’re good at sharing…

Signable continually invests in our marketing and the content we make. We only believe in sharing resources that our customers and readers will find value in. And as one of our affiliate ally’s, you have the option to opt into our partner-specific marketing mailing list. Where we will update you as and whenever we create pieces of value and interest to your customers which you’re free to redistribute.

Heard enough?

And you’re ready to start sharing Signable? Fantastic! You can find that here.

Need some more info?

We’re here to help with that! You can find out about contacting us here.