Full partner? What does that mean?

What it says on the tin! We’re offering a high-value relationship where we will work together on our shared goals whilst promoting each other and working together on marketing activities.

Before jumping in, we recommend you review what we’re looking for in a partner, here.

However, If you have and you’re interested in applying (which is grrrreat!), we can cover some of the FAQs…

What’s involved?

● Our partner will pay a one-off onboarding charge  of £249

● Partners pay a wholesale billing charge (per envelope)

● An integration is achieved through our API

● Sign-ups managed through sub-accounts, and these accounts sign up via API (find more info on our developer site, here)

● Minimum commitment from the partner of £50 per month, unless incoming revenue exceeds that amount. Note: this is a separate charge to any amount of the partner’s own Signable monthly plan

What’s in it for you?

We support you and your support

Our Customer Success team offer the best support in the industry. We can be found on the phone, social, email & LiveChat and we will be on hand to support your customers as they start to find their way around Signable.

In this relationship, it’s important to note, only the partner company will be supported. However, in order to ensure your customers receive the support they’ll need to get started with Signable, we will be creating a pack of tailor-made resource support materials.

How do we do this?

Once qualified, partners will complete and onboarding questionnaire. Each partnership is unique and this will detail how their customers will be using the platform, what type of documents they will need to send and what features will be most commonly used. From here Signable’s Success and Marketing team will create a support pack, tailored to each partner’s individual needs.

You can find out what our customers have said about Signable’s support here, or, how to contact our Success team, here.

We’re good at sharing…

Two marketing teams are better than one!

Signable invests heavily in our marketing efforts, with a focus on content that provides value. As a Signable partner, you will be able to work with our marketing team to create quarterly pieces of content that highlight our partnership as well as the benefits of the services we provide. Helping us to develop a marketing partnership that fits both companies.

As we continually invest our content, you also have the opportunity to opt into our partner-specific marketing mailing list. Where we will update you as and whenever we create relevant pieces which would be of value and interest to your customers, free for you to redistribute.

We like to team up

As well as content marketing efforts, we are open to teaming up for trade events, for speaking slots, shared campaigns or for any other opportunities that arise. You just need to get in touch with us and let us know your idea!

Heard enough?

And you’re ready to get started with this application? You can find that here.

Need some more info?

We’re here to help you. Find out how to contact us here.