It takes time to develop a good partnership. But everyone has to start somewhere, hopefully, that’s here.

Signable’s partner program is designed for companies who are looking to increase their revenue by reselling our product to their customer base. However, we don’t want to just pair up and forget about it, we believe the best software partnerships come from continued support and optimisation. Which we hope to achieve through regular communication, working together to translate the benefits of our services that can provide true value to our customers.

Interested? Please read on …

What’s in it for me?

Our partner plan has been created with the sole purpose of revenue sharing. The amount will depend on the number of envelopes sent through your own accounts and your customer accounts. You can read more about our full partnership details and other benefits here:

How do I apply?

This is done through our application process. It consists of reading through our full partner plan and then requesting an application form from our team.

You can find out more info on ourĀ  “how do I apply?” section. Or, you can request a form through the button below!